About us

Lo•ka•na : The act of looking, seeing, perceiving.

Lokana is a non-profit 501c(3) charity dedicated to health, conservation, and cross-cultural dialogue in the tribal (Chenchu) communities of Andhra Pradesh-Telangana in South India.

Founded in 2017, we began with improving eye care in these remote forests where eyesight is vital to health, livelihood, and independence. Collaborating with local government, development NGOs, optometrists, and surgeons, we are working to treat eye disease and to restore vision.

The Chenchus we serve do not exist in isolation – their well-being and the well-being of the forests are intertwined. Lokana is expanding to include ecological research and conservation. As in all our work, we are starting with small, local, actionable projects and building partnerships with local villagers, government, and the scientific community.

Finally, Lokana promotes cross-cultural dialogue. The Chenchus we serve are not stereotypes – they are individuals with names, narratives, and challenges. We seek not only to empower but also to learn from them. We work to be aware of our limitations in how we perceive people with different histories. Lokana respects the richness of diversity while celebrating our shared humanity.

Origin story

The idea of Lokana began nearly two decades ago

Our Team

Meet Lokana’s all-volunteer field and leadership staff

Our partners

We work closely with organizations based in the communities we serve