Lokana has no paid staff – all the work is done by our volunteers, and we need you!  Our eye care programs, field efforts in ecology, and tribal studies require logistic support in preparation and post-trip follow-up. 

In addition, we could use your help in our day-to-day operations: volunteer coordination, website maintenance etc. Giving even a few hours of your time helps sustain and grow our efforts.

Specialists are appreciated, but everyone is welcome and needed! Thank you for joining us.

Volunteer Areas of Need

  1. Volunteer coordinator
  2. Events planner (NYC based)
    1. Website maintenance (on webpress)
    2. Photo editing
  3. Eye camps
    1. Eye care professionals
    2. Telugu speakers
    3. Non-technical field staff volunteers
    1. Photographer (Field)
    2. Videographer (Field)

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