2018 Report

Executive Summary

The first year of Lokana’s activities sucessfully established comprehensive eye camps for the Chenchu population of the Nallamala forests. In 2018, we provided care in two areas in Nagarjuna Sagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve: the Central Nallamala villages and the Southern Nallamala villages. We established an extremely efficient mobile health delivery system for thoroughly examining over a hundred patients a day in remote forest areas. In all these efforts, we worked as true partners with Rural Development Trust who provided all non-technical support including publicity, registration, transportation, meals, and other logistics. After the camps, patients who needed glasses received them within a few weeks after the custom eyeglasses were made in Hyderabad and hand-delivered to the villages (there is no post office!). Patients who required operations received surgery free of cost at our partner hospitals. For our March 2018 camps, patients underwent surgery at Goutami Eye Institute (Rajahmundry). For our Nov 2018 camps, patients underwent surgery at LV Prasad Eye Institute – Markapuram. These are established institutions with a reputation for providing the highest quality care. Lokana staff including Dr. Reddy visited the hospitals and verified quality control in all aspects of care from surgery to documentation.  After surgery, patients were lodged at the Rural Development Trust headquarters in Dornala for one week where eyedrops were administered to prevent infections and promote healing in the sensitive post-operative period. One month later, the final eyeglass prescription was measured and the glasses made and delivered. Thanks to the determined efforts and meticulous attention of all involved, we are proud to report all our patients had outstanding surgical and visual outcomes, and none had surgical complications. (See details below):

Detailed report of eye care projects – 2018

We conducted comprehensive eye camps in 11 villages during our February 2018 and November 2018 camps. A total of 1090 patients received complete eye examinations, 255 received glasses, and * received surgery.

Financial Summary

Lokana is an all-volunteer organization with no paid administrative staff. In 2018, Lokana did not yet have tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status. We present the 2018 expenses for the sake of transparency, but these costs were borne by the volunteer founders (i.e. not by public donations). In 2019, we anticipate tax-exempt status and collection of public donations to support Lokana’s programs. One-time startup costs included equipment purchase and website development. Lokana staff administering care does not get paid for their time. Volunteers also pay for the cost of travel to/from India. We believe Lokana’s very low overhead costs will be attractive to potential donors who know their contributions will be wisely used to reach those in need.

2018 Lokana Financial Report (USD)